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Education & diplomas

I recieved a french education but I translated the titles into english equivalents. Here is a non-exhaustive list of diplomas & trainings I validated throughout scholarships, trainings, internships, etc...

  • 2003 "BAC L" General certificate of Advanced Level Education (AB+)
  • 2004 "MNAA" Applied Arts, preparatory class
  • 2005 Driving License, category B (max 20m3 vehicles)
  • 2006 "BTS" BTEC Higher National Diploma (in multimedia visual com')
  • 2007 Arts Bachelor of Arts equivalent in drawing & 2D animation
  • 2009 administrative tests preparatory class
  • 2010 "AENS" test obtained for public services in Education institutions
  • 2013 "PSC1" first aid training (level 1) certificate
  • 2015 "H&S" health safety & sanitation training for Tattoo Pratice
  • 2015 + 2018 first aid training (level 1) recycling (practise re-validation)
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Skills, competencies

performing arts

Performing Arts

Acting roleplaying

Scripted acting, improvisation, performances. On stage, live with audiance, in front of a camera, ... Creating and directing shows, managing and coaching actors, scenography, ... Dance and choreographies, fights and stunts. Mic-animation, narration, diction, live speaking and acting, playback and lipsynch. Basics singing. Memorising lyrics very easilly (6000+ songs by heart). Very at ease with ALL animals, human and environemental interactions.

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costuming arts

Costuming Arts

making and wearing

Creation, confection and reproduction of costumes and accessories (many techniques from sewing fabrics to crafting materials), make-up and FX with prosthetics, hair and wig styling, imitations and transformations (fluidity with feminine and masculine genders and also animorphism).

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multimedia arts

Multimedia Arts

infography, "virtual" arts

Graphic design, multimedia visual communication, photo/video/audio (capture, edit and montage), creation and digital manipulations, web design and developement, flash and dynamic, editorial layout. Basics in 3D and FX modeling and animation.

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Pictural Arts

Pictural Arts

Visual, traditionnal arts

Drawing, visual creation and reproduction, illustration, multitechniques coloring (various levels but at ease with plastic arts), painting (on inert support or live model), 2D traditionnal animation, dermography (body tattoo / needle skin inking).

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Relational qualities

Relational qualities

Human features

Passionate, amiable, smiling, communicative, dynamic, empathetic, motivated, positive, encouraging, expressive, helpful, pedagogue

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Functional qualities

Functional qualities

Human features

Team player, organized, adaptative, unifying, eloquant, persistant, reactive, creative, imaginative, resourceful, upright, rigorous but flexible.

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linguistic abilities

Linguistic abilities

Language expression

French native, but also fluent in english and spanish. Correct Italian. Very good ability to imitate accents. Basic notions in American sign language. Basics in japaneese, german, latin, maya, ... Basics in codes and ciphers systems (morse, pigpen, ceasar shift, ...) and alphabets (hiragana, katakanas, greek, ...). Also basics in some fictionnal ones (quenya, kryptonian, atlantean, enochian, ...)

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computer science

Computer science

High-Tech multimedia

A 100% at ease with many operating systems (windows, android, ...), many softwares (office packs, adobe creative suite, ...) and applications (all google apps, social medias, ...). Strong knowledge of hardware material and computer built (assembling PCs since the age of 10), and good notions in coding and developpement (html, javascript, php, xml languages, ...)

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Logistics knowledges

Travel planner, reporter & guide

Travelling has allowed me to discover the beautiful cultural variety of our world, live other experiences and visit new places, learn and practise languages and customs. But I also developped travel planning skills. I can manage logistics, schedules, organization, etc... I have also made travel reports, and some guiding too on field occasions !

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Employment, experiences


Administrative secretariat, reception, switchboard operation, scheduling, stewardship, accounting, pay sheet, cashier, sales, marketting, filing, records, archives, information, communication, redacting, computerization, management, diplomatic and international relations, translation, teaching, logistics...

Employers :

-Education ministry institute
-Disneyland Resort Paris
-Annecy Animation Festival
-F1 Monaco Grand Prix


-since 1988 : shcool plays, dance recitals,...
-since 1998 : 170+ costumes made/worn
-since 2003 : 80+ ren faires, carnivales
-since 2011 : 40+ contests (37 prizes won)
-since 2012 : 60+ stage skits performing
-since 2015 : 45 guestings at events
-since 2016 : 10 shows directed (10-40ppl)
-since 2017 : 10 stages orga (50-75ppl)
-since 2018 : 15+ cabaret shows roles
- since 2019 : 15+ costumed animations

Employers :

-Idole Internationale Events
-Disneyland Resort Paris
-Events (HeroFestival, Another Convention, Geek Expo, Geek Con, Mangalaxy, Geek Universe, Geek Touch, Game Tech, Mangamania, Gaming Gones, CSFO, Gameshow, MadJap, FACTS, ...)
-Cabarets, Restaurants and Bistrots
-Private parties, public events, cinemas, theatres, shops, filmmakers, etc...


Visual communication, multimedia creations, infography (logos, graphic design, business cards, flyers, catalogs, layouts, posters, websites,...) photography, video and audio (capture, edit, montage), drawing, painting and coloring, illustration, plastic and 2D traditionnal animation and inbetweening, plastic arts, dermography (body tattoo : skin inking with needles)

Employers :

-"a touch of ink" tattoo studio
-"Gotham ink" tattoo studio
-Education institutes (teaching pupils)
-"JSBC" 2D animation studio
-"Difinteractive" infography studio
-city hall events (video coverages)

Short selective preview of some of my works
(click on the link of the pictures to see more)


Costumes made or worn


Perfomings / actings


Local contests rewards


Guestings for events




"Flora" (vegetal life)

Educated by a mother who is an amazing botanist and gardener, I share her love for (and knowledge of) nature, plants, flowers, and of course the pleasure of natural homgrown vegetables and fruits ! I currently only live in a tiny flat, but if I ever earn enough to live in a house with a portion of land, I will try to keep the family tradition going with gardening sustainable seasonal food.


"Fauna" (wildlife)

Educated with the values of respect for all lifeforms, I am an animal lover, very comitted to protecting and saving them (wether it's picking up a fallen bird to take care of its recovery or being part of associations). My favourite kinds are the big cats, especially the Sumatra Tiger. I also love reptiles very dearly but of course I simply love all animals, even spiders or scorpions. They all deserve equal respect and they're all part of the balance of life on our planet !


"earth" (ecology)

Also educated with ecology awareness (thanks to my botanist mother and my ingeneer father always following environmental science), I have always been very comitted to environmental matters and trying to do my best to be a part of our Earth's preservation movements. Keeping my impact on pollution at its lowest possible, advocating for efforts towards friends and family, supporting green fights and being part of fundations, ...


"mankind" (human beings)

Very much aware of how priviledged I can be, as a white person who grew up well fed with access to health services and education, I have always tried my best at supporting many humanitary causes. I am clearly not wealthy, I live on minimum wage full time jobs, in a tiny 20m² single-room flat, but I really appreciate how lucky I am to have always had access to health, education, transportation, food and water, and even have the "luxury" of travels and leisures. So I invest time and workforce into helping out, supporting / advocating for the fights for fundamental human rights equality (against racism, sexism, against predjudices and phobias towards LGBTQ+ persons, ...) and I really wish that someday the solidarity between countries could prevail above poverty, wars, health issues, famine or the lack of access to drinkable water or education. There is too much economic and power greed in the system of wealthy countries profiting from the the less fortunate ones, exploiting the resources unfairly, and I know it sounds naive but I do firmly believe that we can do better than this, and that we could all "benefit" from a more reasonable capitalism with an economic balance, with better respect for our planet earth.

Sports and leisure activities

cycling and rolling

since 1988

Educated with sportive parents, I have had bicylces as far as I can remember, and we always went on full days of ramble rolling on our bikes in family during the weekends. Rollers skate came early on in my life too, also going for hours and kilometers of rolling rides.

swimming and water sports

since 1988

Swimming lessons came early too in my life, and we always spent family summer holidays around places with natural lakes, simming pools or at the seaside, so we were often in the water. I have practised many water sports and water leisure activities in my life (water skiing, boating, canoe, snorkling, rafting, canyoning, jetski, sailboard, aquagym, aquabike, etc...) and I live in Annecy, a city with a natural lake where I go swimming regularly.


since 1988

Dance lessons and dance recitals also came early in my life, as a regular activity after school hours. I took several years of classical and modern-jazz lessons. I occasionnally tried acrobatic Rock'n'Roll sessions and a few other dances basics. I still practise dancing and choerography (creation and coordinations) on stage for shows, at events, cabaret, parties, etc...

martial arts

since 2002

I have always loved martial arts and fighting sports too. I was in a Kwan-Qhi-Dao club (a vietnameese martial art) during 3 years. I keep using some of the technics in fighting scenes and stunts parts of stage shows and on filming sets.

tree adventure parkours

since 2003

Through installations in tree, we have pluridiscipline parkours in natural environments. It includes climbing ropes, walking on moving planks, spiderwebs climbings, ziplines, etc... all secured with a safety harness of course, considering some of them are quite high. I love those "tree adventure" parkours and regularly do some.

other sports and leisure activities

since 1988

I keep a daily routine of aerobics, cardio and bodybuilding then stretching. I live in the mountains and I have always practised snow sports in my childhood (skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, etc...). I also took a few years of tennis lessons, practised gymnastics at school, and on summer camps had a few classes of many different sportive activities (a wide range of diversity from aerial circus to archery, from riding a horse to playing basketball, etc ...). I am not a higly trained professional but I love learning more.

Travels, exploration, discovery


since 1984

I was born in France and of course educated with a lot of tourism, visits and discovery of our landmarks and territory : eco-friendly sightings of the amazing variety of landscapes in every corner of France ! From urban cities to rural nature, from snowy mountains to sunny beach shores, from historical architecture to abandonned urbex buldings, I have been and will keep going everywhere in France, especially when "local" travelling has much less impact on environment than long-distance travels. I include Corsica and Monaco in the territory of France, as it was so close to where I lived in the Mediterranean south, and we went there many times too.


since 1995

Since 1995, my father lives in Annecy, in the department of "Haute Savoie" in the French Alps, and it is located so close to the Swiss border (less than 30min) that we regularly visit its beautiful places too. My twin sister has lived and worked in "La Chaux de Fonds" close to "Neuchâtel" between 2007 and 2010, we visited there regularly back then, and since 2010 I also live in Annecy, so I often go to visit friends and/or attend events in Geneva, Lausanne and Montreux.


since 2000

I have lived by the sea, in the mediterranean south of France, for more than 10 years, and Italy was so close that we went there several times. I've been able to go to Donoratico for a summer camp opportunity, to Pisa (with its famous leaning tower), to Ventimiglia and I have also visited all the monuments of Florence.

United States of America

since 2010

My twin sister moved to Miami, Florida, back in 2010. I have been able to visit her there 7 times in 10 years. Each time I go, I stay long enough to optimize the journey. I love visiting every corner of Miami, Fort Lauderdale, the Everglades, all the Keys, and of course Orlando.

United Kindom

twice 2006 + 2010

- London (Buckingham Palace, Bridge, Tower, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Camden town, St James Park and Hyde Park, Westminster Abbaye, the 2 Tates, Covent Garden,...)
- Sheffield (with a train trip from Liverpool in London) for a music concert (of Meat Loaf) at the Arena.


once 2005

- Mexico D.F (Polanco, Coyoacan, Chapultepec, Zocalo, Six Flags, ...)
- Teotihuacan (pyramids of the sun and the moon)
- Taxco de Alarcón (Santa Prisca, Cristo Rey monumental, ...)


once 1999

During a summer holiday with family in Al Hoceima, I have also been able to visit Féz.


once 2009

- Road trip to Saloù (for Portaventura) via Tarragone


once 2017

- Road trip to Gand (for a convention guesting)

Recreation Parks and leisure cruise

Disneyland Resort Paris (France)

since 1992

During my childhood, I lived nearby Paris, close to the Disneyland Paris Parks. We went there very regularly in family, ever since the 1st opening day on the 12th of april in 1992. I even became part of the cast members family for a few years right after the end of my final scholarship year in 2007. And after leaving for a better job opportunity, I always kept renewing my annual passeport and I still keep visiting several times per year.

Asterix Park (Paris, France)

since 1989

During my childhood, I lived nearby Paris, close to the "Astérix Park" (based on a belgian comic book character). We went there very regularly in family, ever since the 1st opening day on the 30th of april in 1989 and I still keep visiting sometimes.

Universal parks (Orlando, USA)

since 2012

Since my twin sister moved in Miami, Florida, I have been able to visit her regularly... and of course, when I go there, I always love going to Orlando to enjoy the amazing parks they have there. I never miss an opportunity to go to Universal Studios and Island of adventures !

Walt Disney World (Orlando, USA)

since 2012

Since my twin sister moved in Miami, Florida, I have been able to visit her regularly... and of course, when I go there, I always love going to Orlando to enjoy the amazing parks they have there. And considering how much I love Disney, I have been lucky enough to visit Disney's Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Epcot Center.

Six Flags (Mexico)

once 2005

During my travel to Mexico with my twin sister we have been able to spend a day at Six Flags !

Portaventura (Spain)

once 2009

With friends we went on a roadtrip down Spain to spend 3 days in Portaventura !

Futuroscope (France)

once 1999

With friends we went on a roadtrip in the west part of France to spend 2 days in Futuroscope !

Walibi (Agen, France)

once 2009

With friends we went in the southwest part of France to spend a day in Wallibi !

Celibrity cruiseline (Caribbean)

once 2016

Thanks to my twin sister's job, I have been able to join her for free during a full week on a Cruise boat on the Caribbean seas. With a day of excursion on the island of St Martin, the island of St Thomas and also a night in San Juan (Puerto Rico).

Other smaller parks (France)

since 1989

With family or friends I have also been to several smaller recreational parks such as "Ok Corral" in the south, "la mer de sable" (the sea of sand) in the north, and several fun faires.

Multimedia tops (in my fav genres)

Sci-Fi, anticipation & post-apocalyptic

My favoutires in this category

-sagas : Star Wars, Terminator, Matrix, Men in Black, Alien, BTTF,...
-movies : The 5th element, Stargate, Escape from L.A, Dark City,...
-animated : Lilo and Stitch, Number 9, Treasure planet,...
-TV series : The X-Files, Fringe, Doctor Who, The twilight zone, ...
-Games : The Longest Journey, Heart of Darkness, Bioshock,...
-Book authors : Jules Verne, H.G Wells, René Barjavel, ...
-comic books : Lady Mechanika, Ghost in the Shell, Gunm,...

Adventures, entertainment, family

My favoutires in this category

-sagas : POTC, Indiana Jones, The Mummy, Harry Potter, Jumanji,...
-movies : Hook, Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, Roger Rabbit, Mask,...
-animated : Moana, Coco, Aladdin, Atlantis ,El Dorado, Nocturna,...
-TV series : Good Omens, Locke&Key, L.Snicket ASOUE, Crossbones,...
-Games : Broken Sword, Toonstruck, Monkey Island, Myst,...
-Book authors : Jules Verne, R.L Stevenson, J.K Rowling, ...
-comic books : Spirou, Tintin, Atalante, Astérix...

Superheroes / supernatural powers

My favoutires in this category

-sagas : Avengers (Marvel-C.U), X-Men, Batman (DC-E.U), ...
-movies : Hellboy, Sin City, Sucker Punch, Watchmen,...
-animated : City of Demons, Justice League Dark, Apokolips War,...
-TV series : Constantine, Loki, Jessica Jones, Umbrella Academy ...
-Games : Injustice, Street Fighter, Arkham Asylum,...
-comic books : Hellblazer, Hellboy, Sin City, Loki, Witchblade, Tellos...

Fantasy and Med-Fan

My favoutires in this category

-sagas : Lord of the Rings, Discworld, Chronicles of Narnia...
-movies : Labyrinth, Mirrormask, Willow, Maleficent,...
-animated : How to train your dragon, Tangled, Sleeping Beauty,...
-TV series : Kaamelott, Once upon a time, Game of Thrones, Xena, ...
-Games : D&D, Baldur's Gate, Witcher, Morrowind, Warcraft, ...
-Book authors : Terry Pratchett, J.R.R Tolkien, C.S Lewis, ...
-comic books : Naheulbeuk, Red Sonja, Requiem, Peter Pan,...

Horror, supernatural

My favoutires in this category

-sagas : Conjuring, Insidious, Cube, Evil Dead, Hellraiser...
-movies : Pan's Labyrinth, Crimson Peak, Dracula, Van Helsing...
-animated : Nightmare before Xmas, Coraline, Vampire Hunter D,...
-TV series : American Horror Story, Penny Dreadful, Stranger Things ...
-Games : Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark, D, The evil within...
-Book authors : H.P Lovecraft, Stephen king, Neil Gaiman...
-comic books : Sandman, from Hell, Sabrina Chilling adventures,...

Music artists tops (in my fav genres)

Metal, symphonic, epic/heroic, medfan, folk, pirates Rock

My favoutires in this category

-Nightwish, After Forever, Epica, Tarja, Within Temptation,...
-Rhapsody, Avantasia, Symphony X, Angra, TSO, Therion, Opera IX,...
-Haggard, The Hu, Barbarian Pipe Band, Apokalyptica,...
-Alestorm, Musical Blades, Pyrolysis, Ye bannished privateers,...

Hard Rock, Deathcore, Grunge/punk and alternative Rock

My favoutires in this category

-Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, HIM, Aeternitas, AFI, Placebo,...
-System of a Down, Korn, Godsmack, Static X, Mushroom Head,...
-Nirvana, Pretty Reckless, Dropkick Murphys, Offspring, SR71, Bush ...
-Muse, Linkin Park, Shinedown, Evanescence, Rammstein,...

Classic / vintage Rock & pop-rock + Rock'n'Roll Oldies

My favoutires in this category

-Metallica, Meat Loaf, Scorpions, Guns'n'roses, ACDC, Megadeth,...
-Rolling Stones, Doors, Led Zepplin, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Aerosmith,...
-Santana, Queen, David Bowie, Who, Dire Straits, Clash, Beatles ...
-Blues Brothers, U2, Tina Turner, Sting, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Toto,...
-Lenny Kravitz, Counting Crows, Midnight Oil, Tears for Fears, Styx...
-Genesis/Phil Collins, Bonnie Tyler, Rod Stewart, Bryan Addams,...
-Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Chris Isaak, Chris Rea, Cat Stevens,...

Modern Rock, pop Rock and pop

My favoutires in this category

-Oasis, Cranberries, Nickelback, Creed, 3 doors down, Cock Robin ...
-Lovecraft, Pretty Reckless, Alanis Morissette, Gossip, P!nk,...
-Hozier, Rag'n'bone, Tom Waits, Abney Park, Elton John, Tom Jones,...
-Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Shakira, Adele...

Musicals, Soundtracks composers, World music

My favoutires in this category

-Greatest Showman, Moulin Rouge, RHPS, Grease, Hairspray, NDDP,...
-X-Ray Dog, 2 steps from Hell, 2wei, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt,...
-Danny Elfman, John Williams, Eric Serra, Alan Silvestri, John Barry ...
-Hillywood Show, Pattycake prods, Todrick Hall, Jonathan Young,...
-Lindsay Stirling, Peter Hollens, Voctave, Rob Cantor,...
-Eliades Ochoa, Celia Cruz, Bebe, Glay, Mamamoo, Blackpink,...
-Gueule de Loup,Berros de la cort, Corvus corax,Frères lumière ...

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